Best Inflatable Hot Tubs for Winter

Did you know you can use your inflatable hot tub during winter?
No? Didn’t think so, well now you know you can use your personal inflatable hot tub during winter!
In fact, it can be the most relaxing thing you could be doing during the winter months, well, normal winter months not during heavy snowstorms or blizzards as this may cause irreversible damage to both your water heater and pump.

In this article, we will be talking about which inflatable spas are best suited for winter, also, know the tips and tricks to keep your hot tub in tiptop shape when using it during winter.

Tips and Tricks in Using Your Own Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter:

It’s recommended that you setup your own inflatable hot tub indoors rather than outdoors if you plan on using it during winter. Perhaps move it in your garage or set it up in an enclosure that is accessible.
While most brands say you can use your hot tub outdoors during winter, we don’t recommend using your hot tub in subzero temperatures or during a really strong snowstorm.

How You Can Use Your Inflatable Hot Tub During Winter
Using your hot tub during winter is easier than you think, in fact, it’s very cost efficient to use it during winter, to do this, first, drain all the water in your personal inflatable hot tub (if it has any or if you’ve already set it up), then clean your tub of any residue from chemicals, dust and other things; yes, this also means cleaning the vents, filters, and other parts of your hot tub.
Once you’ve finished cleaning your tub thoroughly, the next thing you will do is to set up your hot tub and start filling it with water, once you’ve filled your hot tub with your desired amount of water, now to help you cut cost this winter, we highly recommend that you use your hot tub cover to help in keeping your water warm so you don’t have to use your heater all day long.

Turning it Off
When you no longer need your inflatable hot tub or if you feel that the weather has taken a turn for the worse, it’s best that you turn off your inflatable hot tub, to do that, simply follow these instructions:
Start by draining all the water out of your inflatable hot tub, keep in mind that there are parts and pieces in your inflatable hot tub that may come off or get lost when draining the water out. Lastly, give your inflatable hot tub a good cleaning, spend a couple of rounds scrubbing it thoroughly then finish it off by rinsing it thoroughly.
Next, you should wipe off any excess water and moisture before deflating your inflatable hot tub and storing it away for next use.
While most manufacturers of inflatable hot tubs and spas claim that you may use your inflatable hot tub all year round, we highly recommend buying inflatable hot tubs from the Canadian Spa Co., as they are the only ones whose inflatable hot tubs can endure long, hot summers and bitter cold winters.