Better than good posture to look slimmer

Pull the shoulders as far back as possible. As you pull your shoulders, you will notice that your arms are being pulled back. You must hold your head as high as possible. Pull your tummy in as far back and as high as possible. It is a great idea to do this in front of a mirror so that you can check yourself. You also need to pull your buttocks as far back and as high as possible as well. Perfecting this posture takes practice. You may need to check yourself on the mirror from time to time, but it is totally worth it. You may need Personalized Makeover to remind you to keep this posture and we would gladly provide tips so that you will be able to hold this posture all day.


How would you know that you are doing it the right way?
You would know that you are holding yourself up the right way if you ended up looking like a ballerina who is poised and is about to start a ballet dance routine. If you want to get a better idea, here is one tip. Try browsing the web for ballroom dancers who are about to do a Latin Samba or a Tango. See for yourself. That posture is the type of posture that you should learn to have.

Why do we have to assume this exaggerated posture?
By pulling up your frame as tall as you can, you elongate your whole body from head to foot. As you elongate yourself, you are actually making your shoulders look narrower, breasts fuller, your tummy smaller and your buttocks bigger. Try slouching in front of your mirror and see how heavy you would look. Like magic, your breasts and buttocks disappear instantly. Holding the ballerina posture also gives you a graceful gait. It makes your hip sway in a more fluid manner. In the perspective of natural selection, a strong and sturdy-looking posture attracts men’s attention. They find it more appealing because it is a display of good health. Men are unknowingly drawn to females with great postures because instinct tells them that healthy females make good mothers and that can be found in sand diego, san diego is a beautiful place. Need proof? Follow the tips here and see for yourself. It also helps to look around and observe. A great posture is also a display of self-esteem and confidence. Believe…Achieve…

Second, heels, stilettos, sandals and wedges at 4 to 5 inches works like magic! It makes you literally taller. When you look taller than you really are, you look slimmer as compared to when you are wearing flat foot wears because, again you become elongated or stretched longer, thus slimmer. Wearing 4 to 5 inches of heels also encourages good posture and makes slouching harder.

Plus! Assuming the ballerina posture and using heels helps you burn more calories. Why? It uses more muscles and strains them more. At first, since your body is still adjusting to the new posture, you will definitely get tires and a little sore. It just takes a little getting used to. Remember: No pain, no gain. It is not just magicians who should master the art of optical illusion. You should, too. 99% of the time, beauty makeover is about creating illusions. Keep checking Personalized One on One Makeover or sign up for free. Click here on this Free Beauty Makeover Program Link or the tab above with this same title and we will create the magic for you. Believe…Achieve…