Brief History of Drug Rug

How Mexican Baja Hoodies became a Stoner Staple

If you went to college and participated in a lot of fraternity, you probably smoked weed as well and must have run into a freshman wearing a drug rug.


Known as a jacket with a  single large pocket in the front decorated with different patterns of horizontal stripes on its sleeves and hood. Drug Rug is often associated with the cannabis culture and it’s also popular in the Hippie subculture and fans of post-hair metal.


It’s favored by stoners and its history goes deep into its links with Central America. It’s favored by all sorts of stoners, from Dave Matthews Band fans to Phish heads, to Wiz Khalifa stans, from joint rollers, to bong-rippers, to hot-boxers.


After staring at these colorful heavy sweaters enough times, trying to find the meaning of life in its distinct pattern, you may have asked yourself about the origins of the drug rug.

Drug Rug or Baja Hoodie as it’s often called was popularized in Baja, Mexico by locals who were inspired by the thick blankets their parents had used previously. The history links up with Mexicans living in California around the 70’s. Surfers brought down the jackets from their travels to Mexico after making their way down to the coast after having spent time chasing the best waves down the coast.


These adventurous surfers brought the pullover sweaters down to California after seeing an opportunity in making an activity as unique as smoking weed have its own identity.


Made out of cotton blend, some people even believe that the shirt could have been made out of hemp, even though when you touch it, you feel this warm and cool feeling.


By the 90’s the Drug Rug had taken on a legendary status and it had become a symbol for a generation that wanted to impress with the laid-back coastal lifestyle that California is known for. As was with tie-dye and Bandanas, the Drug Rug took up a cult following in the urban areas and it became part of the stoner’s badge.


Like most counterculture pieces that catch fire and gain broad style cache, certain takes on the drug rug have landed on the runway and commanded a ridiculous price tag.


Fashion industry observers have noted Baja hoodies selling at over $2,000 a piece, as ’70s styles came back into fashion and marijuana lifestyle gear has gained traction with the renewed push for legalization