Crossbow Arrow Tips

Arrows and Bolts in the crossbow industries is the same. People use different terms but they only refer to one meaning and definition. The average size for an arrow or bolt is 20 inches and the regular size is 16 – 22 inches in length. Best crossbows arrow has its own parts too. The shaft, it is the body of the arrow. The Nock and it is usually made from aluminum of plastics. The Arrow Head, it is composed of field points or target points. The arrow head has different types too. Depending on the target, you can choose from fixed-blade broad heads, removal-blade broad heads and expandable-blade broad heads.


The arrows and the nock must be the same in weight. If you buy it in the different weight then it will not go off. Always remember that those two matter in crossbow. When you buy broad heads, it comes by pack of 6 or 8. It depends on the manufacturer of the broad head. When you plan on buying arrows and bolts, you must know your target first. You can always look for ready-made arrows so you will not assemble it. Some people prefer to buy un-assembled bolts so they can fix it by themselves.
The arrows are sometimes made of wood and it is preferred by most hunters or shooters because of its weight. Shooters often use 20 inches bolts or arrows to shoot more than 25 yards. Every size of the arrow can have its own specific yards to reach. For novice in the crossbow industry, I suggest that you use fixed-blade broad heads because it is the standard arrows given to you when you buy a package or a brand new crossbow. It is up to you when you want a new set and go higher than the fixed one.

Actually the bows and/or arrows is not the problem. It is us, humans or the shooter. It really is on us if where we are comfortable with. What are you going to do if you buy those arrows but it will not fit in your crossbow? If you really want to make this as a hobby then get more practice. Or even train on it. The trainers will give you all the heads up needed in entering this crossbow industry. They will share all their experiences so you can apply it. If you are new to this, do not shoot directly in moving objects or live objects, particularly the deer’s. Let’s just say you tried Barnett Jackal Crossbow but in a computer game. But hey, computer games are far real from real world. From accuracy, to range, to arrow tips are not the same. Always look for the best crossbow that suits your personality. Do not just buy because it looks good. Buy it because you felt that connection when you saw the crossbow. It’s more likely a human and it needs maintenance and all the care in the world. Treat them right and they will give you the satisfaction you want.