Good Habits that Keep Body Healthy

We have some habits that we always do everyday. We didn’t realize that some good habits make us more healthy. Buy Codeine online UK today for more fast results. I’m sure you want to know more about our good habits that make us healthy, here the lists :

  1. Get up early, as late as any sleep.
    Medical reasons:
    The morning before the sun was when the plants produce oxygen as much as possible, and it is good for health. Research also proves that green color vision to nourish the eyes and down emotions.
  2. Eating eggs in the morning for lunch not too much to eat.
    It’s up to any kind of breakfast, try incorporating eggs.
    Medical reasons:
    Protein in eggs helps burn fat, so at lunch we eat is not so much caused by the body to digest enough nutrients from fat. Happen if we do not work sleepy as most meals. Suitable for people who diet.
  3. Drinking coffee / tea every morning.
    Medical reasons:
    Coffee or tea contain caffeine which can increase the work of the heart, so the blood circulation smoothly and we feel refreshed to start the activity. Because afraid to drink coffee with heart disease? Can be replaced hot tea.
  4. Do not bathe after eating.
    Ever felt stomach discomfort after taking a bath? Usually common in people who rush off to work or school because of fear of late. It happened because of the distance shower after eating very fast. Better to wait 30 minutes before or eat after a shower.
    Medical reasons:
    Take a bath makes the blood spread throughout the body (one reason why we feel refreshed after a shower), so the blood is not concentrated in the stomach and intestine (they require blood for digestion), the result of digestion is hampered.
  5. CHAPTER irregular? Embarked with leg exercise.
    Have not yet had a lot CHAPTER eat vegetables? Try a little exercise, which concentrates the power of the leg such as walking, cycling, up and down stairs, etc. just 10 min. Medical reasons:
    Moving a smooth blood circulation, digestion also allows for faster. In fact any sport may, but is more effective if the foot sport.
  6. Min 3.5-liter drinking water a day.
    Now hotter weather, more activity was busy, so if you drink only 2 liters is not effective for health. If it is not strong at the same time, better scheduled, for example morning and late morning, afternoon, etc.
    Medical reasons:
    Eve’s growing urban heat and the work that increasingly busy making out sweat more profusely, and can lead to dehydration. Do not neglect to drink water just because of laziness to the restroom. Water also launched CHAPTER because it can soften faeces.
  7. Check the fluid level of the body through urine.
    Continuation of the above points, useful to know whether we are dehydrated or not.
    Medical reasons:
    Healthy urine is clear yellow approached and almost no foaming. Foam in urine indicates the acidity of urine. When large amounts of foam, meaning the urine is too alkaline. Can we neutralize with drinking water multiply. When yellow, the mean content of bilirubin more than water. Also neutralized by water.
  8. Hot fresh tea, neutralizing all the food.
    After eating bad food, or high-fat, some people will usually feel queasy and uncomfortable. After drinking hot tea fresh, pretty bad taste will be reduced.
    Medical reasons:
    Content of tannins in tea investigated substances can neutralize fat and cholesterol. Do not given sugar, because even add nausea and diabetes.
  9. Erase bad mood and stress with wheat or spinach.
    Feeling the stress of the workload? Try the consumption of wheat products such as oatmeal or whole wheat bread as a staple food, or consumption of spinach for lunch.
    Medical reasons:
    It contains iron in wheat or spinach increases levels of hemoglobin in the blood. The more hemoglobin, the more oxygen it receives. This will affect the performance of the brain, which will increase and make bad mood disappear.
  10. Brush your teeth 1 hour before bedtime.
    Target used to what time we would sleep, then we brush teeth before bed.
    Medical Reasons:
    Besides cleaning the oral cavity, tooth brush also removes the desire to snack at night in you want to diet.

That’s why sometimes we see old people have good health. Because they have good habits to make their body health. Let’s doing our good habits.