A natural extension to your skin care

Having a young and glowing skin is what every girls dream. Most of the girls nowadays especially were actually dealing on with make ups and cosmetics products. There is always a natural way to be looking pretty in using natural skincare products. Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup and I have just learned to get to know each other – but already have an amazing chemistry! We met each other when I went to naturallypretty.org Illum last week to buy a brow kit, so my winter bleached face could get a little edge with an additional color scheme. Correctly, I told the expedient that I was looking for an eyebrow powder with as little chemistry as possible – and that was where Jane Iredale came into the picture.

It was love at first glance, because I’m already very hooked on my new kit, consisting of a wax (I do not know if I’m used), three brushes and a powder. It works and my skin is pleased that the color contains neither artificial dyes, filler like talc and chemical preservatives like parabens or synthetic fragrances. The kit costs 195 kroner and seems to be quite busy. You can read more about the set on Jane Iredale’s website.

My enthusiasm will not end – for now I have caught sight of Jane Iredale’s mineral powder, which surely can be brought home with me when my current case from the Earth’s Earth has been used up.

Mineral powder – should we be two?
Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup is therefore developed as a natural extension to your skin care. Now it’s a little long hair, but Jane Iredale makeup is an advanced mixture of minerals and pigments, micropulvered through protected technologies and processes to form microscopic flat crystals. The crystals overlap on the skin to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe and function normally while protecting against airborne pollutants. On this way, it’s not only protecting the skin, it also makes the skin properly nourished and moisturize.

In other words, the quality of the minerals is at its peak. They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and do not contain clogging and drying talc, artificial dyes, synthetic preservatives or fragrances. Thus, the skin may breathe normally, and the minerals even have anti-inflammatory properties that keeps the skin from itching and irritation and are therefore beneficial to skin with a tendency to acne or rosacea that may really affect to anybodys’s confidence.

Jane Iredale Mineral Powder gives you four products in one product: Foundation in naturallypretty.info, Powder, Tearstick and Sun Protection. With an SPF of at least 20, you are well protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It keeps away the skin from burning and keeps the skin from being smooth and moisturized.

Is there anything to say that I’m hooked?
All of the above have I read on to Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup’s website – and I
have not tried the powder yet, so I can not guarantee that it works. But that sounds promising, does not it?